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This is Your Link!

Welcome once again to “This is Your Link!” And now, here’s your host, Art Linkblogger!

  • Chessops is an excellent way to study chess openings.

Links, I Think

Welcome to the inaugural post of my newest category: CoolStuff/Potpourri. This category will host short lists of incongruous items. Mostly link-dumpage, but also perhaps random thoughts, curious facts, and whatever else comes to mind. Possibly a precursor to a side-blog, if this category gets used too much. Without further ado….

  • has some wonderful, original short-story fiction. Reminds me of a resolution I made (Personal, #4… as yet unfulfilled).
  • un:parsed is a new Blosxom blog, and a stunning demonstration of the power of simplicity. A very elegant, minimalist design. Yet another nail in the coffin of my current site layout. :)