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Morentries Plugin Update

Steve Schwartz has created an updated version of my moreentries plugin that adds a series of links for each additional page of posts, like at the bottom of the page on Google. It supports both text and image links. I think this is just fantastic… this is a feature I’ve had requested, and just never got around to implementing. Go check it out!

moreentries 0+1i

I’ve created a new plugin for Blosxom, called moreentries. It creates ‘Next’ and ‘Previous’ links when there are more entries than allowed on a page (as determined by the Blosxom config variable $num_entries). This doesn’t affect date-style urls, since Blosxom ignores $num_entries for date urls.

Please note this is the first version. It’s been tested (with thanks to Fletcher T. Penney), but it may have bugs. Please Note: it probably won’t work right with static rendering, since it will require additional pages to be created. I’ll look into this if there is interest.

You can see it in action here on this site.

Download link: moreentries

Update: Fixed download link.
Update #2: Fixed the other download link (in the first paragraph). D’oh!
Update #3: As I stated in the perldocs, this could be done much more efficiently if blosxom.cgi were updated. Lars has suggested an elegant way of doing just that. If you’d like to patch your blosxom.cgi, check it out. If Rael releases an offical update to blosxom.cgi to include such a change, I’ll release a new version of the plugin to take advantage of it. This version will remain as well, for those using the current Blosxom version.