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You CAN take it with you…

…at least in the case of Mozilla Firebird. David Tenser’s Firefox Help has a set of simple instructions for setting up Firefox for Windows to run from a USB memory stick or other removable media device, including a copy of your profile. Now you can run Firefox (with all of your bookmarks, plugins, skins, and settings) from any Windows PC with a USB port, in moments. Groovy.

While my primary personal machine is my Mac Powerbook, I do use a Win2K machine all day at work, and I have Firefox customized for my use. I’d bet that creating a similar portable setup for OS X or Linux would be just as easy, however, carrying a Win install around on my 64 Meg USB thumb drive is probably the best for flexibility. For example, the internet cafe I used in St. Andrews, New Brunswick recently while on vacation had PCs, not Macs. Wish I’d had Firefox on my thumbdrive then.

Comments Return

After a three week hiatus due to comment spammers, comments have returned to I have cleaned up all of the spam- at least I think so. If you should see any lurking in the comments, please shoot me an email.

I’ve also made some changes to (hopefully) reduce spam. It isn’t perfect, but it should prevent the types of attacks I’ve been seeing. Time will tell, I suppose. I’m not going to release any details about my changes yet; I want to see how they work, and I’d rather not let the cat out of the bag just yet. I’ll probably end up posting the details later, although increased usage will probably lead to the spammers working around it. Spammers are scum.

The rest of you, however, are invited to leave me a comment!

Vacation’s End

I’m home now from my (too brief) vacation. Tomorrow I return to work. I’ve decided to end my blogging sabatical, and intend to start posting here again on a regular basis. I’ve got a few interesting things to post from my travels, but my first order of business is to re-enable comments on the site. Before I do, I need to make some changes to help handle the spam comment problem. I have some ideas, but I need to spend a little time on implementation. For now, I have unpacking to finish (sigh), but I’ll be working on the problem over the next few days.