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This is My Final Post

…to the Blosxom-based blog I’ve run at this location for three years. In fact, my three year anniversary passed silently four days ago.

However, I’m not done blogging yet. As great as Blosxom is, I’m ready for something with less friction. I’ve decided to migrate this site to WordPress.

So what’s in store?

  • Existing posts will remain
  • Existing comments will remain
  • Comments will be reactivated (!)
  • I’ll publish my Blosxom-to-Wordpress conversion method/code
  • Date-based permalinks
  • Existing permalinks will work
  • The categories will remain as archives, but new posts will be use tags
  • I hope to get the old posts tagged as well
  • A brand new layout (finally!)
  • A valid Atom 1.0 feed (I had to hack this in, I’ll publish my code after the conversion)
  • Hopefully, I’ll start posting again!

The timeline’s not set, but I’m hoping to have everything done this weekend. There’s still one major technical issue to overcome, but I’ve asked for help in the WP support forum, and I’m poking around in the code. Stay tuned.

Taking It All Off

Wednesday, April 05, 2006 is the first Annual CSS Naked Day. To encourage web standards and semantic markup, Dustin Diaz is encouraging webmasters to remove all stylesheets from their sites for a day. Now’s your chance to see what your favorite blogs look like under all that fancy styling. If you, like me, do most of your reading in a feed reader these days, be sure to stop by the actual site today and have a peek.

P.S. – Yes, I know the post date is April 4, but as Dustin pointed out, it’s April 5 already somewhere. Guess I’m just eager. :)

Thanks for the Comments

To all of my regular readers and occaisional visitors, if you have left a comment, thanks. You make this site better when you contribute.

I maintain this website for a few reasons- to have a place to vent, a place to play, and especially, a place to contribute the odd bit of knowledge. Personal validation isn’t on the list. Nevertheless, it’s always nice to see that something I’ve written has helped someone, or made them think. I love to see new comments- it means that what I’m doing here is useful to someone besides myself.

Last week, I received a comment on an old Perl Howto from a year and a half ago. It was the first comment I’ve received on that post, and it was exceedingly brief. It was also one of my favorites. I reproduce it here, in its entirety:

nice! just what I needed. mime::parser->parse requires a file handle….

Comment from David at 2/7/2006 16:04:45

David didn’t leave a link or an email address, just a brief hammering of keys, but it’s a great comment. First, he tells me I helped him. “Just what I needed.” Now there’s a reason to keep blogging. Second, he mentions how he’s using it- the CPAN module Mime::Parser. This amounts to extra info for Google, so the next time someone is trying to figure out how to feed a Perl scalar to Mime::Parser->parse, they’ll be that much more likely to find the info they need. The site is improved by this comment.


Sorry for the outage in my posting here; been far too busy away from the computer for the past month+. Tonight I cliked the bookmark for my blog by mistake, only to find the site suffering a real outage. A check of the log indicates that Markdown was dying. I think my host upgraded perl versions in the last few days (although I haven’t confirmed); the error was in code that had been working for months (at least).

Since I was still running a beta of the 1.0 release of Markdown, I didn’t spend much time trying to fix the issue, I just upgraded to the current markdown release (1.0.1) and the problem is corrected. I’ve only spot checked a few pages, so if you see anything not working or looking odd, please shoot me an email.

Open Source Flickr?

Here’s a question for the Lazyweb – is there an open-source replacement/equivalent for Flickr? Preferably, it’s written in Perl, Python, or PHP, but I won’t rule out Ruby/Rails.

I’m looking for a way to host my own Flickr-like web-based photo sharing app, with similar features (especially notes on specific areas of a photo), which I then want to integrate with other web-based services, such as a wiki and a blog. For this application, hosting the photos on Flickr itsself is not an option; I need a self-contained solution.

My own search has turned up surprisingly little. I found one project on sourceforge, Photospace, which appears to be fairly feature complete, but it’s written in Java/Servlets. Unfortunately, I can’t use servlets in the environment I’m targeting. Other LAMP technologies are okay, but MS based solutions (IIS/ASP/ISAPI) are out. Also, no Flash. Javascript/AJAX are fine.

I also found a couple other projects on SF which aim to do something like this, but haven’t released any files, and appear to have no recent activity. If you know of any working, open source code that fits the bill, please leave me a comment below. Markdown formatting works in comments.