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An Announcement

To anyone who has viewed my site in the past 24 hours or so- If you have seen any comments on this site which you found offense, please accept my appologies. I have once again been hit by a determined comment spammer- an order of magnitude worse than anything I have seen before. Over 2000 spams have been posted. I have completely disabled the comment system.


Tonight I added an Atom feed (0.3) to the site. The link is in the Subscribe boxlet on the right. I’ve also added a feed validation link for this feed in the Made Possible By boxlet.

Why an Atom feed? I’ve always felt Atom to be a promising project. Why now? I’d always planned to add an Atom feed, but I’ve felt no urgency as the spec is continuing to evolve. However, I’ve got some ideas I want to explore for using the Atom publication format and protocol in a project; more on that when I’ve had some time to refine my thoughts (and maybe write some proof-of-concept code). For now, I’m reading up on the current states of the specs, poking around the wiki, and reading some of the mailing list archives.

Adding the feed to Blosxom was straightforward. I installed the atomfeed plugin, which got me 95% of the way there. Since the last update of the atomfeed plugin, the spec has added <atom:modified> as a required child element of <atom:feed>. I was able to implement this by modifying the built-in flavour and using the lastmodified plugin to supply the value. Putting my name in atomfeed’s $default_author config variable was the only other step I had to complete to get the feed to validate. I’ve posted my version of the atomfeed plugin which contains my fix for the <atom:modified> issue, but does require the lastmodified plugin.


The website hosting move has been a success. I’ve had a total of 8 hits on the old host today, so I guess the address propagation is nearly complete. Everything seems to be working fine at the new host. Spent a little time this morning setting up AWStats on the new host. That’s the package my old host offered, and I’m used to it. Eventually, I’d like to put together something of my own to do more specific analysis, but that’s a ways down my list.

My new hosting provider is Dreamhost. My old host was fine, but I really wanted shell access, which they didn’t offer. The plan I’m on now lets me host up to 15 domains, of which I’m using two. By paying for 2 years in advance, I’m paying the same as I was previously for two separate single-domain packages. If I ever need another domain (or 13), I’m all set. Sure am loving the shell access.

I’ll make a final check of my pop3 account at the old host tommorow evening, and Monday I’ll call and close the old hosting account. Prepaid a year in August, so I’ve even got a refund coming.

Moving Day

Today I’m initiating the DNS change to point the domain at my new hosting provider. Apologies in advance if anything goes awry.

If this is the last sentence you see, you’re viewing the old host.

And if you’re viewing this sentence, you’re viewing the new host. Woohoo!

Update: The move has been remarkably painless. Mail seems to be working, site’s working fine. Bloglines sees the new site, as do my home and work broadband connections.

Also, I’ve re-enabled comments. I haven’t got the blacklist in place yet; I want to try to build in a performance enhancement first, and I need to setup an extra Perl module to do that. More on that later.

Update 2: Big thanks to Dugh for the heads up that my comments weren’t working. All fixed now.

Mail Issues

I’m in the process of switching hosting providers (more on that in a later post). If your mailhost is at Dreamhost (my new provider), you may not be able to send me email until I get everything sorted. In the interim, if you send me mail and it bounces, you can contact me at jason.clark {at}